Time Sensitive, Dynamic Capabilities

You decide what time of day your ads run, targeting your message to the audience, much like radio and TV advertisers.

Dayparting, a term borrowed from the radio and TV industries, is the practice of dividing the day into several parts — usually morning, afternoon and evening — during which a certain category of programming takes place. Dividing up the day lets you better target advertising toward a particular demographic or purchasing pattern. Some every day examples:

Sports Teams: promote specific games and their outcomes – in near real-time.

Brokerages: shout out their Real Estate Agent/s of the month.

Real Estate Agents: advertise specific or multiple listings, even on open house days.

Restaurants: use a digital board to promote your breakfast menu in the morning and dinner specials in the evening or cold treats when it's hot and warm treats when it's cold.

Financial Institutions: update mortgage rates and loan products in real-time.

Hospitals and Clinics: promote multiple wellness programs or seminars.

Retailers: respond quickly to weather events, like a department store spotlighting umbrellas when rain is coming or pool toys when it's nice out.

Car Dealerships: feature sales or pique interest with something new every weekend.

Radio Stations: promote your personalities and songs that are ‘now playing’

Hardware Stores: promote auxiliary generators if severe weather is forecast.

Entertainment Venues: promote ticket sales for your most current events.

Anybody: shout out someone special on their Birthday or for an Anniversary.

The opportunities go on and on, creating an additional, not replacement, audience segment for outdoor advertising. And, more importantly, a cost-effective alternative for advertisers currently, wastefully, overspending on TV, radio, and newspaper.