All The Above

Design Specifications | Creating optimum artwork for digital billboards

Physical size of sign: 10′ x 36′
Matrix of sign (in pixels): 162 x 630
Pixel Pitch: 16 mm

For artwork image quality, we recommend multiplying the pixel matrix by 2.
Artwork size will be: 324 x 1260 (pixels)
A 36 pixel character will be 1′ tall.

File Format | Still Images

  • JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF for still image content at 100% quality; Use RGB color, not CMYK.
  • Resolution: Use 72 dpi. Because message centers have a fixed pixel spread, DPI is technically irrelevant.
  • Physical size of artwork is also a non-factor. Focus on the actual pixel dimensions (height and width) of the artwork.
  • Recommended file size: 1MB or smaller

Keep it simple

The first step to creating effective messages with your electronic sign is to keep the wording short and succinct. Avoid using complete sentences. Don’t use eight words when four will do. Stick with short, simple words for quick comprehension by motorists. Each message should present a single idea. This reads faster than trying to fit multiple offers on a message. 

Keep it big

Large text allows motorists to see your message from a greater distance and increases impressions. If your text is too small, your audience won’t have sufficient time to read and comprehend the message before driving by. Although the software allows for a smaller character height, we recommend characters at least 12″ tall. 

Keep it Clean

Avoid using thin fonts as well as most script fonts. Thin character strokes don’t maintain legibility over long distances. Use thick, heavy fonts to increase readability. Bolding your font is an excellent way to add weight to your message. 

Keep it Colorful

High color contrast is a key ingredient. Like large text, the right color combinations can make your messages more legible from a greater distance. Text and background colors should combine in a way that is pleasing to look at and lets your messages be easily read. 

This page does a great job of breaking down the math behind the best contrasting combinations.