Our Mission

Serve locally, support globally.

All The Above is a locally and family owned Digital Outdoor Advertising business that strives to not only serve the surrounding community via affordable and highly visible marketing campaigns and announcements, but to also support those less fortunate than us around the globe. That’s why we not only provide you the value and support necessary to achieve excellent results, we also donate 10% of all proceeds to either one of our Featured Charities or an approved Foundation of your choice.

Life shouldn’t be a zero-sum game, so with All The Above, everybody wins!
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Why Digital?


More Targeted. Unparalleled Responsiveness. Revolutionary Flexibility. Orders of Magnitude More Affordable. Need we say more?

Bonus: Giving Back!

Like an exam question when all boxes are checked, the answer is obviously, All The Above!



Gone are the days of lengthy lead times! With the ability to change your content as quickly as you can brainstorm, our digital displays keep your creative current and allow you to target your customers with the most time-relevant message possible. Additionally, day-parting and RSS Feed capabilities make us a no-brainer!


At a literal fraction of the cost when compared to other popular forms of media (TV, Radio, Music Streaming Ads, Newspaper), you are free to rebalance your resources and focus on the important stuff!


Location. Location. Location!

Conveniently situated adjacent to Kirby Middle School along FM 78 and just 1.27 miles NE of the I-35/410 Junction, we are able to reach tens of thousands of your potential customers every day!

Pricing Options

Ad-Spiration and Capability Spotlight

Build Anticipation!


Display a live countdown to generate awareness and excitement for upcoming events or store openings. All The Above's Digital Billboards can count down to a specific day or time, even down to the second. The countdown updates automatically with every rotation of the board.

Day-Partying By Variable


From deciding weekend plans to considering dinner options, weather dictates consumer decisions. It makes sense to suggest your business’ products and services by integrating weather information into your next digital advertising campaign. All The Above digital weather technology pulls weather information surrounding a given location and pushes timely ads to the community.

Day-Parting By Time


Consumers are inundated with advertising throughout the day. One way to effectively reach a consumer is by day parting your ads with relevant and timely messages. By dividing up the day; you better target advertising towards a particular demographic or purchase pattern. This strategy has been proven to increase direct response to advertising.

Get The Community Involved!


Research indicates that consumers trust their peers when it comes to brands and companies, so turn customers into copywriters! We can pull images or text from your website or social media accounts and display it in real time. It’s a great way to create a one to one relationship with consumers and establish brand ambassadors for your business or service.

Live Updates!


Self-explantory, but with All The Above Digital Signs, advertisers can display LIVE information such as scores, election races, lottery jackpots, “Now Playing” songs for radio stations, Gas Prices down the road, etc.

Same Spot, Multiple Ads


Gone are the days of costly and long lead vinyl changes. With All The Above Digital, you can change your ad nearly as fast as you can create the artwork! Grocery Stores can advertise varying specials on produce, Department Stores can spotlight trendy products, Brokerages can shout out their realtor of the month, are just a few examples.

Still Not Convinced?!

Charitable Donations
Customizable Displays and Packages
1-Way Daily Effective Circulation
Area Population
Ad Duration


The pricing outline below aims to support any and all types of advertising campaigns and announcements, with incentives for longer term partnerships. We pride ourselves in being as flexible as our display options, so if you have any questions at all, just ask! 

Daily Announcement
$70 Per Day
$3.92 CPM
- %
17,877 Daily Effective Circulation
<4 Week Campaign
$300 Per Week
$2.40 CPM
39% Savings From Daily Rate
125,139 Eff. Circulation/Wk.
4-24 Week Campaign
$600 Per 4 Week Period
$1.20 CPM
54% Savings From Weekly Rate
500,556 EC / 4-Wks.
>24 Week Campaign
$525 Per 4 Week Period
$1.05 CPM
14% In Additional Savings
500,556 EC / 4-Wks.

* Fractional Slots are available as well

** Excludes Sales Tax


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